What The Facilities Are Saying

Resident's Hope
can provide for
those in-need

Balance Healthcare
(formerly Jacaranda Manor)

It’s been about a year since Barbara and friends came to our facility to inquire about our residents. You talk about the right time as the Activities Director, I was trying to figure out Christmas gifts for our residents. I remember the initial call from Barbara, her voice sounded so enthusiastic. I became light as a feather as our conversation continued. I gave Barbara the number of residents we had at that time, which was around 200. Barbara stated that Resident’s Hope can provide for all. Barbara and her staff also asked if we had any residents in need of clothing. We had one resident who came in with no clothing, and frequently mentioned how he was in desperate need of clothes. I reached out to Barbara – of course, she went out and purchased clothing for this resident. This particular resident will never forget that day – he still talks about what was done for him. Thank you Barbara and friends for all your love and support. Resident’s Hope has been a true blessing to this facility.