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Barbara Rotunda

President & Founder

Jean Torell-McDonald

VP & Co-Founder

Cheryl Moss


Barbara Rotunda



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Following a fulfilling career with Merrill Lynch in Pittsburgh, PA, Barbara relocated to Florida in 2017. The inspiration for her current life’s mission began during her last Christmas in Pennsylvania. Pastor Ron Moore of the South Hills Bible Chapel in McMurray, PA, suggested the idea of visiting nursing homes during the holiday season to bring joy to residents without families. Acting on this suggestion, Barbara was deeply moved when she discovered that many residents lacked basic necessities. One resident, Nancy, particularly touched her heart. At 46 years old, Nancy had experienced a severe accident, confining her to a life in the facility. Learning that Nancy had absolutely nothing – no clothing, shoes, and was living in a hospital gown – Barbara decided to dedicate herself to making a difference in the lives of such individuals. Even after her move to Florida, Barbara continued this compassionate mission. Stopping by a local nursing home near her new home, Barbara encountered 13 residents with no financial resources or family support. Teaming up with her neighbor and close friend, Jean Torell-McDonald, they decided to provide Christmas presents to these residents. The experience was transformative. Witnessing the residents’ joy, appreciation, and amazement that someone remembered them during Christmas, Barbara and Jean were fully committed to expanding their mission. Over the years, the organization, now known as Resident’s Hope, Inc., has grown significantly. In July 2023, it officially became a nonprofit.

Notably, every dollar received by Resident’s Hope goes directly to the residents, as Barbara personally covers all administrative expenses. This unique approach reflects Barbara’s unwavering dedication to ensuring that those in need receive the support and care they deserve.