Our Story

Providing Hope
For Seniors

SINCE 2017

The inaugural year of our charitable efforts took place during Christmas 2017, when Resident’s Hope extended its support to 13 individuals residing in a single facility. On that special day, we personally delivered gifts to these residents. It was only through this direct interaction with them that we fully grasped the profound significance of our mission.

Committed to Making A Difference

Following the impactful Christmas of 2017, we resolved to expand our organization and reach out to as many people in need as we could. Fast forward to Christmas Day in 2022, and Resident’s Hope had the privilege of serving over 400 individuals across five different facilities, a testament to our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those we touch. In July 2023, Resident’s Hope became a nonprofit in the state of Florida. 

Christmas Giving

Our flagship initiative is our Christmas Giving event. Our organization reaches out to nursing home facilities, compiles a list of individuals in need at each facility, shops for personalized gifts, elegantly wraps them with their signature bow, and ensures timely delivery so that residents can enjoy Christmas presents. Additionally, Resident’s Hope extends support year-round by responding to facility requests and providing clothing and supplies for distribution to those in need.